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Branded Silver Jewellery

These items represent only a small selection of our stock. Please pop in to any of our stores to see the full collection.

Elements Rubover Bracelet - <p>CZ Swararski rubover bracelet</p>
Elements Rubover Bracelet

CZ Swararski rubover bracelet

Elements Blue Crystal Bracelet - <p>Multi blue crystal bracelet</p>
Elements Blue Crystal Bracelet

Multi blue crystal bracelet

Elements Teardrop Earrings - <p>CZ Swararski teardrop earrings</p>
Elements Teardrop Earrings

CZ Swararski teardrop earrings

Elements Teardrop Ears - <p>Aqua Swararski teardrop earrings</p>
Elements Teardrop Ears

Aqua Swararski teardrop earrings

Elements Drop Earrings - <p>Pearl & CZ drop earrings</p>
Elements Drop Earrings

Pearl & CZ drop earrings

Elements Oval Earrings - <p>Purple CZ Swararski oval earrings</p>
Elements Oval Earrings

Purple CZ Swararski oval earrings