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5 reasons why jewellery makes the perfect Christmas gift

When it comes to Christmas shopping, we all have our own habits. Some of us are fully prepared by October, and some of us leave it to the last minute (we can relate!). Choosing the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones takes lots of thought, especially with infinite options to choose from. Finding the perfect gift comes with a lot of hesitation and doubt, but we’re here to help make the joy of giving easy! Read on to find out why we believe jewellery is and always will be the perfect Christmas gift for those special to you.

There is no such thing as too much jewellery

If you are worried about the person you are buying for already having jewellery, understand one thing: One can never have too much jewellery! Jewellery is something to collect, to cherish and to match to the mood or outfit of the day. A jewellery ‘wardrobe’ is an essential for every woman! Jewellery is an accessory and different occasions call for different styles, and we believe the more choice, the better. Vintage and antique pieces make for especially great Christmas gifts as you can be rest-assured they will be one of a kind and unlike any other piece your recipient has.

Shop antique and vintage styles here.

You can make jewellery truly personal

We understand that buying jewellery for a loved one takes time and effort. It’s important to find the perfect piece that reminds you of them and suits their tastes and style. From precious metals to sparkling gemstones, every consideration counts. Each gemstone has a meaning and symbolises different character traits. Whether it is their favourite gemstone or their birthstone, choosing the right stone is finding the one that represents who they are and the qualities they have.

For example, Topaz symbolises strength and intelligence.

 Emerald symbolises growth and reflection.

Ruby symbolises beauty and wisdom.

Birthstones are a great option to consider too. You can find the full list of gemstones for each month here. If you are not sure which gemstone they would love, diamonds are always a good option and never fail to make someone feel truly special!

It’s always a pleasure to receive

Being gifted jewellery makes anyone feel special. For decades, even centuries, gifting jewellery is a sign of appreciation, whether it is love, friendship, or simply as a kind gesture. Whoever you are gifting it to, jewellery is sure to put a smile on their face (and add some sparkle to their Christmas!). The joy of watching your recipient open the jewellery box with delight is a special moment to be cherished. We offer gift wrapping as standard, to make sure your gift is perfectly presented on Christmas morning.

Jewellery for all budgets

Jewellery comes in an array of styles, shapes, colours, cuts and carats. Many characteristics influence the price of jewellery, the two main factors being the metal and the stones. For example, gold tends to be more expensive than silver, and diamond jewellery is usually more expensive than gemstone pieces. When it comes to gold and diamond, the Karat (gold) and Carat (diamond) number influences the value of the piece, with numbers increasing as the weight does. No matter what style you have your eye on, there are pieces to suit everyone. Read our 4C’s diamond buying guide to find the perfect stone for you.

A gift to be cherished

Jewellery is a work of beauty. From the delicate craftsmanship to the most exquisite stones it bears, the monetary value of jewellery most often grows as years go by. However, the value of jewellery goes beyond its price. It has a lot of sentimental value to many, like family heirlooms or meaningful gifts, it is cherished and cared for deeply. Often, special pieces of jewellery are passed down generations throughout a family, holding dear memories. Gifting jewellery for Christmas makes it even more meaningful, in a time when the gift of giving has a stronger meaning than ever.

This Christmas, gift stunning jewellery to your loved ones for them to cherish forever. Shop a selection of our gemstone and diamond pieces, now available to purchase online on our website. Shop an exclusive 20% off selected item with code 20OFF. You can also visit us in store at 4 and 41 Argyll Arcade, Glasgow.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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