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5 things you didn’t know about Topaz

Did you know that topaz is thought to bestow strength and intelligence on the person who wears it? Topaz is one of the most popular and sought-after gemstones that also happens to be the gem for the month of November Keep reading to find out 5 interesting facts about the mesmerising birthstone of November.

Topaz comes in a rainbow of colours

Topaz is often confused with other gems because it comes in such a variety of colours. From red and yellow, to pink and green, it’s literally available in all the colours of the rainbow. Topaz’s wide range of colours is usually because of natural trace impurities or defects in the crystal structure. Whilst blue is the most popular colour of topaz, the most valuable colours tend to be golden orange/yellow or red/orange.

Topaz symbolised love and fidelity

It’s generally thought that topaz is the gemstone of love and fidelity and bestows strength and intelligence on the person who wears it. But with so many colours of the gemstone available, each colour often has different symbolism. Blue topaz is thought to be a symbol of peace and promote harmony and relaxation. Red topaz, on the other hand, is a symbol of fire and can stimulate confidence and passion. Regardless of each colour’s different symbolisms, topaz is the designated gemstone for 4th and 23rd wedding anniversaries.

Where Topaz was first discovered is unclear

There is a slight dispute over where topaz was first discovered. Some say that the term ‘topaz’ derives from a small Greek island in the Red Sea named Topazos, so it’s assumed that the gem must have been found there. But it turned out to be Peridot that was found on the island of Topazos, a gem that has repeatedly been confused with topaz. The most common assumption is that topaz was first discovered in Brazil, as that is where most of the gem is mined from today. Pink topaz, however, was supposedly first discovered in Russia during the 19th century.

One of the most famous topaz gemstones is set in the Portuguese crown

The 1,680-carat colourless topaz gemstone is known as the “Braganza Diamond” as it was initially thought to be a diamond. The gem was first discovered in Mnas Gerais in Brazil in the late 18th century and found its way to the Colonial Govenor’s House in Rio de Janeiro before it was sent to Lisbon and then into the royal palace of Queen Maria Isabella of Spain, who ruled Portugal from 1640 to 1910.

Topaz is a very durable gemstone

Sitting at 8 on the Mohs scale, topaz is a much more durable gemstone than many others. Its fairly high resistance makes it an ideal gem for daily wear jewellery like engagement rings. Nonetheless, topaz gems should still be treated with care. If hit hard or exposed to high temperatures, the stone can break or become damaged.

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5 things you didn't know about topaz