A guide to buying jewellery for someone else

December is here, which can only mean one thing – let the Christmas shopping commence! It’s always difficult buying things for other people, especially when it comes to jewellery. You want to give someone a piece of jewellery that they’ll love and wear with pride.

With a little preparation and following our quick guide, you’re sure to buy a piece that your nearest and dearest will cherish forever.

Buy for their taste, not yours

Just because you see a piece of jewellery that you love, doesn’t necessarily mean whoever you’re buying for is going to love it too. It could end up being the total opposite of their usual taste in jewellery! Always bear in mind what their taste is when you are jewellery shopping for them. Not sure exactly what their taste is? If you can, take a sneak peak in their jewellery box, or notice what pieces they wear day-to-day or on more formal occasions. Shopping to their taste is always the safer option.

Consider their colouring

It’s often said that using certain colours of jewellery or clothes can enhance how you look as they harmonise with your skin complexion, eye colour and hair colour. Perhaps it’s a gemstone gift your shopping for but you’re not too sure which colour to choose. Consider the person’s colouring to help determine which they’d like best or suit most. Many people choose to harmonise their jewellery with their eye colour specifically because there is just something about gemstones that really make eye colours pop!


Blue eyes – brown, silver and grey

Hazel eyes – pinks and purples

Brown eyes – green and blue

Green eyes – silver and gold



Chose something meaningful

A piece of jewellery is often something that is kept forever because it can mark a milestone in our lives. If you choose something meaningful, whoever you are buying it for will likely keep it for a long time. Why not find something that is personalised to the person you are buying for? Charm bracelets are great pieces that can be personalised and hold so much sentimental value. Over time, you can help add meaningful charms to it that represent something important in your relationship with them, and it’ll also help with what to buy them next year!

Consider their lifestyle

Certain pieces of jewellery are suited to certain lifestyles, so it’s important to consider whether or not your buying a piece that is for everyday wear, or something to wear on special occasions. Bear in mind what kind of lifestyle the other person lives. Are they busy workers? Or are they one for always looking their best no matter what the occasion is? If they live a busy lifestyle, perhaps it’s best sticking to something functional like a sophisticated set of earrings, that can easily be worn every day. But if they enjoy the more glamourous side of life, maybe they will appreciate something a little bit more out there!

If you need help choosing a special piece of jewellery for a loved one this Christmas, do not hesitate to pop into our stores in Glasgow or Aberdeen where our team of friendly experts are on hand to help.