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Aquamarine – everything you need to know

Find out more about the birthstone of March and everything you need to know about the stunning gemstone below!

History of Aquamarine

The bluish-green gemstone was once believed to protect sailors on voyages, as well as being a symbolism of preserving or enhancing the health of the wearer. Aquamarine is also a symbol of faithfulness and friendship, and is a popular gift given on 19th wedding anniversaries.


Where is Aquamarine from?

Aquamarine was first found in 1910 in Brazil, weighing 243 pounds before being cut into smaller stones. Minas Gerais, a large inland state in Brazil, has been an important source of aquamarine for the past two centuries. Today, it is also mined at 15,000 feet high in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains. Angola, Kenya, central Madagascar, Malawi and Nigeria are among some other important aquamarine deposits.

Famous Aquamarine

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was gifted a dark blue rectangular step cut aquamarine in 1936 by the government of Brazil, after she visited Rio de Janerio during the famous ‘Good Neighbour’ South American cruise. The gem weight 1,298 carats and was the largest cut of a stone that was split into two. The stone was presented to her as a symbol of kindness and generosity towards the people of the USA.  The gem is now publicly displayed at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York.


Aquamarine value

The value of aquamarine varies, depending on various factors such as clarity, carat and colour. Arguably, colour is the most important determinants of value, as the more saturated the colour, the higher the value. The darkest colour, which is known as maxixe aquamarine, is said to be the most valuable.


Aquamarine buying tips

Our buyers guide below will help ensure you get the best value for your money when buying aquamarine.


The most popular colour of aquamarine is light greenish blue. However, the colour varies from pale to light-blue, dark-blue, blue-green and green-blue.


Aquamarine tends to be fairly inexpensive and is usually found in large pieces. A 1 carat, well-cut piece of aquamarine can be found at just under £100. But the gem size is not as important as colour and clarity when it comes down to value.


Most aquamarines are ‘eye clean’, meaning that they lack visible inclusions. The best quality and highest value of aquamarine is clean and should be free from spots or cracks. Aquamarine has excellent transparency and clarity.

Cuts & Shapes

Aquamarines can be cut into almost any shape. However, round or oval tends to be the most common shapes.



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