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Top things you must consider to find the perfect engagement ring

“The engagement ring is an ageless declaration of love and promise”


Over the years, thousands of couples have trusted us with their most important moments. With a varied selection of rings and an extensive collection of diamonds, we’re here to help you find the perfect engagement ring. The trend these days is for couples to shop for rings together, but if you’re more of a traditionalist and love to surprise your other half, our in-store team of highly skilled and exceptionally knowledgeable jewellers are here to help! Here are our top factors to consider when searching for the perfect ring.


Finding the perfect engagement ring – Budget

Establishing a budget early on is a good place to start. There are all sorts of myths about having to spend a certain multiple of your monthly salary on a ring, but we are here to help you find something which suits your financial situation best and what you are comfortable with. We stock a vast range of brand new and vintage rings to suit all budgets, so can help you to fully explore your options when it comes to ring designs.

Finding the perfect engagement ring – Metal Type

This is the best starting point when choosing the overall style of ring. Have a look at the rest of your partner’s jewellery and identify their usual style. Our team can help you explore the different metals available and discuss the features of precious metals like platinum and different carats of gold. You can then consider personal preferences to decide on the best metal for you and for your budget.


Finding the perfect engagement ring – Stone Shape

When selecting a diamond, your first priority is to choose a shape. With numerous stone shapes available, this can become a little tricky! The most popular styles are; round, pear, oval, cushion, princess, marquise, emerald and heart cut. From classic to contemporary looks, we can give you expert help, advice and details about each different stone shape to ensure you find the perfect ring.

 Finding the perfect engagement ring – The 4 C’s

If you are set on a diamond engagement ring, it is important to know how diamonds are classified. Diamonds are graded according to the four C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. All of which must be considered equally when comparing diamonds.


Take some time to consider the quality of the cut.  The cut of the diamond affects the dispersion of light and how the light reflects around it. The better a diamond has been cut, the diamond’s ability to reflect light is greatly enhanced. If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, some of the sparkle will be lost through the base.


After the cut, diamond colour is the second most important characteristic. To grade diamond colour, there is a scale to follow to find which is the most valuable. Diamonds of the highest quality are colourless, appearing clearer and whiter while those of lower quality have noticeable colour, which is revealed as different shades of a pale yellow colour.



Most people are unsure when it comes to the clarity of a diamond. Clarity is determined by the number of flaws in the diamond as seen under strong magnification. This will determine how the light bounces around it. In store, we can talk you through this aspect where you can view any diamond with our microscope to see any small inclusions. These can appear as small cloudy or black spots. Most diamonds have blemishes and small inclusions that are microscopic therefore are unable to be seen with an untrained eye.


The weight and size of diamonds are measured by carats.  The carat is usually the most prominent aspect of a diamond as it measures the value of the ring you choose. Generally, the higher the carat of a single stone, the more it will cost and the bigger it will look, however, a diamond with a shallower cut can appear larger than a deeper-cut stone that may actually weigh more, so this is something to be aware of when shopping for the ring.



Finding the perfect engagement ring – Does it reflect their style?

We fully support people expressing themselves and celebrating individuality so, what better way to do that than with jewellery! Fashion may come and go, but an engagement ring will sit on her finger forever, so it is essential that it is a true representation of their personality. You know your partner, you know their style, so you must consider a ring that reflects that. When it comes to our selection of rings, there are a lot of unique options to choose from, whether that be classic diamonds, single to mixed-metal, traditional with a hint of vintage or even combining diamonds with their favourite coloured gemstones. We have a vast selection of creative styles that stand apart from standard engagement rings, consisting of Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Blue Topaz and mixed stone rings.

Our highly skilled team of jewellers will always be on hand to help you find the perfect piece. You can book a consultation or explore some of our collection here. However, these items only represent a small selection of our stock. For the complete experience, visit our showrooms in Glasgow and Aberdeen to shop McGowans wide variety of new diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery, alongside unique antique and vintage pre-loved jewellery.