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Good As Gold: How To Keep Your Gold Jewellery Looking Its Best

Caring for your Gold Jewellery

Gold might be one of the most resistant metals used in jewellery, but it still needs cared for. Whether you wear your gold jewellery every day or save it for special occasions, there are ways to keep your favourite gold pieces away from dullness and damage. From cleaning to storing, give your gold its glimmer back and keep it looking its best with our caring tips.  

Take it off  

gold hoop earrings

The most obvious tip to care for your gold jewellery is to take it off when sleeping, showering, and doing any every-day tasks that might damage it. Fine jewellery is delicate, although resistant to time, it remains fragile and can therefore break during sleep movement. Gold is also water-resistant but can get stained and become dull when in contact with harsh cleaning agents, perfume and bodycare products.  

Hang/separate your jewellery  

gold necklace

When not worn, jewellery needs stored with care. To avoid tangling and scratching, hang your necklaces and bracelets onto a jewellery stand, store your earrings in pairs to avoid losing one and compartmentalise your rings to avoid clinking. You can read more tips on how to store your jewellery efficiently here.   

Clean regularly  

Gold ring with diamonds

Gold is a durable metal, even when worn every day. However, it can benefit from regular cleaning to maintain its shine and remove any dirt, dust, and erase the traces of time. When cleaning your gold jewellery, its important to use non-abrasive products and favour a simple, gentle cleaning solution like warm water and soap. You can also have your jewellery professionally cleaned, which is a service we offer at McGowans.  

Store safely when transporting 

Gold bracelet

Moving house, traveling, or simply carrying it around puts your jewellery at risk. Using appropriate boxes and travel cases to transport your jewellery will ensure it does not get stained, damaged or irreversibly broken.  If you don’t think you have the right storage, a DIY solution would be to wrap your gold pieces in a soft fabric (a cloth or even a cotton tshirt would do), and secure it with elastic ties so your jewellery does not fall out. You can read more tips on how to care for your jewellery whilst travelling here.   

What to do when your jewellery breaks! 

In the unfortunate event that your jewellery ends up breaking or becoming damaged, McGowans offers a full repairing workshop. We will restore your jewellery back to its original condition and get you wearing it again in no time at all. In addition to this, we also provide ring resizing services valuation services for when you may need them. All services can be done on new and antique products too. Check out a full list of our services here

If you’re looking to replace your old gold with some shiny new pieces, our beautiful selection of gold jewellery is available to shop online here, or in store for the full range! From classic gold hoops to elegant gold and gemstone pieces, our collection suits all tastes and budgets.