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How to choose the perfect jewellery for your wedding day

When it comes to your wedding day, planning ahead applies to everything. Venue, dress, bridesmaids, food, everything is well thought through and matches the theme you have chosen for what is arguably the most important day of your life. Jewellery can be seen as a detail compared to everything that needs to be taken into account when planning, but it very much deserves planning of its own.


In fact, jewellery can completely transform any outfit, and your wedding dress is no different. The right jewellery will add to the magic of this day and make you feel extra special. There are different things to consider when it comes to choosing your bridal jewellery, so here are some of our tips to help you pick the perfect pieces for your wedding day.


Match the theme

A lot of people might think every wedding is quite the same: flowers, delicate tablecloths, a white dress and beautiful decorations. However, there is nothing more personal than a wedding and its unique theme.


Everyone is different and therefore, everyone has dreamt of a different kind of wedding, based on their personality and tastes.

The extravagance of a Princess-like castle wedding is very much different from a sophisticated private beach wedding, both admirable in their own ways. And these are important things to consider when you’re choosing your jewellery pieces.


Bridal Jewellery reflects who you are  

You might opt for an opulant, ball gown-style dress that bounces as you walk, a slim-fitting elegant lace dress or even a unique vintage wedding dress tailored to fit you like a dream. Your jewellery will compliment it and finding pieces to accessorise it will come down to the style of your dress.



Glitter Fairytale

If you are all about the glitz and the glamour, then nothing can outshine diamonds. An all diamond parure and an extravagant dress are the secret to looking like a princess, and more importantly, feeling like a princess!



Royal Elegance

If your style is more about subtle grace and the beauty of details, then a lace detailed wedding dress pairs perfectly with elegant coloured gem stone and diamond pieces. Sapphire is a popular option for adding a little colour to the day. The royal blue colour of the gemstone is of captivating beauty and counts towards your ‘something blue’ on the day!


Unique Beauty

If you like to stand out, love being unique and want a one-of-a-kind wedding, then a vintage dress of timeless beauty paired with antique jewellery pieces will definitely make you feel like the most special woman on Earth. Emeralds are symbols of unconditional love and are one of the rarest gemstones, which is exactly what you want to feel like on your wedding: rare and loved unconditionally.

Bridesmaids styles

Don’t forget the bridesmaids! Their dresses and accessories will also need to fit the aesthetic of your wedding, which includes their jewellery. We don’t believe anyone expects you to buy jewellery pieces for all your bridesmaids (unless you have the budget, then we are sure no one would complain!). However, what you can do is give them some details about the style you have chosen for your own jewellery, which can be a good guideline for them to pick their own and stay consistent. As it is your special day and your bridesmaids will not want to steal your spotlight, pick out subtle pieces complimentary of their dresses and the overall style of your wedding.


We want to help make your day the most special it can be! Our expert jewellers are always happy to assist you in choosing the jewellery pieces that are perfect for you. Pop in to our Glasgow or Aberdeen stores for any advice or information and to see our full selection.