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How to take care of your Opals

About Opals

Opals were first discovered over 10,000 years ago, according to archaeologists. Across the globe, opals held strong symbolism and mystical power. In modern days, the mining of opals is mainly focused in Australia and Ethiopia. The stunning colours reflected in opal make it stand out from the other gemstones. An opal of the finest quality can reflect all the colours of the rainbow, where most high-quality opals show hues of yellow, green, orange, and blue.

Opals are often compared to fireworks and the galaxy for its unique rainbow of colours that is released from the gemstone when the light hits the structure of the gem. Opals are said the bring about loyalty and faithfulness to those who wear it.

Did you know that the opal is one of the gemstones that has 2 different forms? They have a lab-created twin, opals come in both naturally and created versions.

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What should you avoid?

When caring for your precious opals you should avoid pressure and thermal shock, which is the exposure to extreme hot or extreme cold conditions. Because they contain water, opals can crack if you move them from an area that’s cold to one that’s hot, or vice versa. If you must go from one temperature to another, protect your opal jewellery by placing it in your pockets or under your clothes.

Additionally, do not wear opals in any type of hot tub, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, bathtub, or shower. Exposure to prolong submersion in any water with or without detergents or chemicals will destroy opals.

If you wear perfume, put it on before you put on any gemstone jewellery. Don’t use hand sanitizer while wearing opal rings, either. Opals and pearls in particular respond poorly to any acids or alcohols.

How to clean your opals

When cleaning opals, it’s important to be gentle! To clean your opals, we would recommend you clean it occasionally with fresh lukewarm water, gentle detergent and a soft dry brush or cloth. You always want to avoid strong chemical cleaners like bleach or Windex, generic cleaners, dish detergent, and hand sanitizers.

Never immerse doublets or triplet opals in detergent. Because doublets and triplets consist of multiple layers, which are glued together, prolonged exposure to water will eventually cause it to break down the adhesive and separate the layers. With triplets, if water gets behind the transparent cover, it can cause your opal to look grey or cloudy.

Please treat your opal as you would any other piece of valuable jewellery.

Storage Tips

Here are some tips that are good for caring for your opals and keeping them good as new, whenever you’re not wearing them.

  1. It’s a good idea to store your opal jewellery separately from other jewellery pieces to minimize accidental contact, which could cause scratches.
  2. You might hear that opals should be stored in oil or glycerine, but this is not the case. It won’t protect them; it’ll just make cleaning a mess.
  3. Don’t store your opals near heat sources or cold places, such as windows or fireplaces.
  4. When you take off your opal, think about where you’re putting it down. You don’t want to put it somewhere where it can get knocked over or fall into the water.

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