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Jodie passes her Jet 1 Jewellers Certificate

We are delighted that Jodie, our Assistant Manager at our Aberdeen Boutique, has recently passed the Jet1 Professional Jewellers Certificate with flying colours, achieving a Grade A.

Run by the National Association of Jewellery, the Jet 1 Professional Jewellers Certificate is known as the industry’s ‘driving licence’. It entails a 6 month course which is completed using a range of practical and theoretical tools to complete questions, tasks and exams in each module.

All modules on the course are there to perfect the skills of the employee in all aspects of the jewellery business. The subjects include:

  • Diamonds
  • Gemstones
  • Gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • Rings
  • Hallmarks
  • Repairs and bespoke jewellery
  • Jewellery design
  • Selling and customer care
  • Store security
  • Manufacturers

The course involves a lot of studying, practice and commitment to pass. We are very proud that Jodie achieved the top grade of an A, all whilst undertaking her Assistant Manager role – indeed a very busy 6 months for her! The course has equipped Jodie with all the necessary knowledge and tools to help our customers and provide the excellent service McGowans is known for.

Jodie has learned a lot from the course and feels it has made her a lot more confident to educate customers on all aspects of jewellery and provide outstanding service. Jodie shares;

“I found the course fascinating, to learn in more detail where gemstones originate and the process of how they arrive to store from being mined is amazing.  I love jewellery myself and being able to explain to customers where a piece are from or when it was made is always an enjoyable part of my job”

“It is very important not only to me but for my clients that I have the knowledge to talk through an item of jewellery with them so they can make the perfect purchase. Or to be able to explain confidently how we will repair a loved piece of jewellery back to its original state that they may have had in the family for decades that they may be nervous about.”

Jodie is now continuing to expand her skillset and is currently undertaking her Jet 2 Professional Jewellers National Diploma.  This course is more intense and will take a year to complete. Jodie is currently halfway through the Jet2 course and we are thrilled that she has achieved a Grade A on every module so far.

We are certain Jodie will pass her Jet 2 with flying colours. Well done Jodie, you are a star to have on board!