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Men’s Jewellery: The Essential Gift Guide

There is no better time than now for men to rock jewellery. From high fashion to independent designers, men’s jewellery is the hit piece of the season and, with Father’s Day approaching, makes a great gift for the dad who won’t get himself anything. Here are the men’s jewellery essentials that would make a perfect gift.


View pocket watch here.

A timeless accessory, a watch makes a gift that is as stylish as it is practical. With vintage and retro in full swing, unique accessories from different style eras are highly sought after. The pocket watch combines the vintage look that’s taking over the trends with practicality, and is sure to be a gift that stands out!

Gold Alberts

View gold albert here.

To complete the retro look, match the pocket watch with a gold albert chain. There are many options to buy one brand new, but an antique gold albert fully reconditioned just makes it even more unique and a truly valuable gift. If the pocket watch look isn’t their style, add a modern twist to this vintage accessory by making the most of its versatility and turn it into a necklace!

 Signet Ring

Signet rings available in our stores.

Nothing is more valuable than a meaningful gift. Signet rings have been around for centuries as family heirloom crests, but have been increasingly popular in the past few years as they have become a trendy fashion accessory. However, their stylish look does not overshadow how they can be made into a personal, meaningful piece of jewellery by having it engraved. Whether it is a symbol, initials or a message, signet rings make a gift that can be cherished forever (and make a man’s hands look great!).


Cufflinks available in our stores.

As small as they may be, cufflinks are an important part of a man’s smart/formal outfit. They are the piece that completes the look, and can be a small detail that matters in a business attire. From plain to intricate designs, gift a shiny new pair of cufflinks to give an upgrade to their outfit’s final touch!

Gents Chain

Gents chains available in our stores.

Fully customisable with their choice of pendant, a sturdy, high-quality chain is an ideal gift. Larger and more prominent chains are on trend; however, we know that big gold chains are not up to everyone’s taste. A classic, medium-size link chain is a staple and can be worn just as well by itself or with a pendant.


Shop the pendant here.

Going together with the previous gift idea, a pendant makes an excellent gift to match with a chain. Options are infinite, and whether it is a religious symbol, an animal, letter, or engraved piece, the design can be truly personal, and they’ll be sure to hold it close to their heart.  

We’re always here to help you find the perfect piece! All of the pieces featured and more are available to shop in store. Pop into our Glasgow stores and together we can find the ideal gift for Father’s Day, or any man in your life!