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Opal: Everything you need to know

Opal is a beautiful gem which encompasses colours from many other gems. The birthstone for October, opal gemstones are unique as each individual gem is made up of a one-of-a-kind colour combination.   History of opal In ancient times, opal was often referred to as the Queen of the Gems, due to its distinct combinationFind out more

Step into our workshop…

At McGowans, we are dedicated to offering only the best quality jewellery created by our highly skilled and experienced jewellers. From repairs to the creation of bespoke pieces, our in-house workshop in Glasgow is where all the magic happens! We understand the importance of an in-house workshop, which can offer speedy services to our customers.Find out more

#CaptureTheLove with McGowans

COMPETITION TIME! #CaptureTheLove with McGowans   This World Photo Day (19th August) we want you to capture the love and share your favourite engagement or wedding photo memories with us! Whether they are yours or a friend’s special moments, we want you to share them in the comments of our competition Facebook post to beFind out more

We are hiring in Glasgow!

Do you have experience in the jewellery industry and excellent customer service skills? We are looking for a positive, friendly and approachable individual to join our established team as a full-time Sales Advisor in our Argyll Arcade store in Glasgow. The position ideally would commence at the end of August 2018. About McGowans Jewellers OverFind out more

Peridot: Everything you need to know

Peridot, a gorgeous olive green in colour, is the birthstone for August. An ancient and fascinating gem stone, it dates back to the time of Pharos in Egypt. Peridot is available in a spectrum of green, olive and yellow colours, with the grass-green shade being the most valuable Find out more about the history ofFind out more

How to care for your gem stones

Caring for your jewellery is important to make sure it maintains its brilliant sparkle and shine all year round! Every gem stone has different properties, and each deserves its own unique care and attention. Different cleaning methods apply to each gem stone, and there are some things you should avoid for certain stones too.  Find out more

Rubies: Everything you need to know

Rubies, the birthstone of July, are one of the most iconic gemstones. The fiery, deep red hue of rubies has made it a popular gemstone at the forefront of luxury for hundreds of years. Not only are rubies the celebratory stone for 40th Wedding Anniversaries, but they make for beautiful occasion jewellery too. Discover theFind out more