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Everything you need to know about Topaz

Everything you need to know about Topaz Topaz is the birthstone for November. It is a popular gemstone that comes in a wide range of sizes, cuts, and colours. Wearers of the captivating gemstone are supposed to experience happiness, generosity, abundance, and good health. Did you know that the ancient Greeks even said that topazFind out more

The History of the 1970s Pearl Swivel Ring

Following on from our Memento Mori: Poison Ring blog, which you can read here. It is often we come across some rare pieces of jewellery. Our next mysterious object arrived to us in a box from a vintage Blackpool jeweller.   This intricate ring hints that it has a lively party background from the 1970sFind out more

Memento Mori: Read the history of the poison ring

At McGowans Jewellers it is often we come across some mysterious pieces of jewellery which are seen as rare and uncommon, especially in the 21st century. It is often the mysterious objects look like they have a rich history with a fantastic story to tell. Recently we have come across two additions to our collectionFind out more

How to take care of your Opals

About Opals Opals were first discovered over 10,000 years ago, according to archaeologists. Across the globe, opals held strong symbolism and mystical power. In modern days, the mining of opals is mainly focused in Australia and Ethiopia. The stunning colours reflected in opal make it stand out from the other gemstones. An opal of theFind out more

All you need to know about Sapphires

Throughout history, Sapphires have been prized as one of the world’s most elite gemstones due to their alluring beauty and are still just as popular today. Sapphire has different meanings across the world and has been worn since ancient times, particularly adored by royalty. Did you know that Sapphires exist in a whole spectrum ofFind out more

McGowans Jewellers Products and Services

We offer a wide range of jewellery products and services to help keep your pieces in perfect condition. From re-sizing to engraving, and repairs to valuations, McGowans offers an all-round service to keep your most-loved pieces looking brilliant. Our large collection of antique and new pieces will be sure to fulfil your jewellery needs. ComeFind out more

Gift Guide: Wedding Season

Firstly, if you have upcoming nuptials – congratulations! The full team at McGowans Jewellers send their best wishes for a long and happy marriage. It is wedding season, and we have the perfect gifts for the bride and groom, bridesmaids and even guests. At McGowans, we can perfectly match your wedding theme. If you needFind out more

History of McGowans and the Argyll Arcade

Join us as we look back in time at the history of our stores and how we became one of the most reputable family jewellers in Scotland’s first ever indoor shopping centre, and in the only remaining arcade in the country. When did McGowans start? First established in 1895 in the heart of Glasgow, originallyFind out more

All you need to know about rubies

The infamous birthstone of July, the ruby is one of the more iconic gemstones on the market. Rubies are one of the four precious gemstones. The others are emerald, sapphire, and diamond. Ruby comes from the Latin “Rubens” meaning red. They are made of corundum, which comes in many other colours, but those a classifiedFind out more

Do you know your birthstone?

The idea of a birthstone, which is a gemstone that corresponds to a person’s birth month, is a relatively modern creation. The modern association of one gem to each month, and the practice of wearing just the stone connected to your birth month, arose between the 16th and 18th centuries. In the very early centuries,Find out more