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The Myths and Legends about Emerald

Once upon a time, a beautiful green stone was discovered. The mesmerising colour of emerald is not the only thing captivating about the May birthstone. With a history full of tales, emerald is a mysterious gemstone with quite a few legends to tell. Here are some of our favourite myths and legends about emerald, fromFind out more

Know Your Opals: Natural vs Created

In recent years, a new category of stones has made an entrance onto the gemstone market: man-made gemstones. Although met with reasonable doubt from the public at first, laboratory-born gemstones have found their way onto the shelves of the most prestigious and renowned jewellers. Scientists and gemmologists are now able to recreate some of theFind out more

Enjoy a McGowans VIP appointment

We are thrilled to be opening soon in the Argyll Arcade in Glasgow. We have thorough health and safety measures in place and we are closely following government guidance to ensure you have a safe and comfortable shopping experience with us. We would love for you to visit us in-store. If you like, you canFind out more

The Wellbeing Power of Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones and crystals are one of Earth’s most beautiful and mysterious creations. Buried deep across the globe, the precious stones introduced centuries of civilisation to the many beliefs and symbols that were unearthed with them. Where gemstones are said to attract certain emotions and have specific meaning, crystals are energy-charged and are believed to harnessFind out more

Unique Proposal Ideas

Spending almost every hour of every day with your partner whilst in lockdown could have gone two ways: unbearably difficult or falling deeper in love. For the latter, it may have come with the reassurance you needed and the certitude of wanting to spend the rest of your life with them. If you’re thinking ofFind out more

Which gemstone are you? Take the test!

With their own meaning, gemstones can be strong symbols for their bearer. Each represent qualities, traits and beliefs which match with certain personalities. Find out which gemstone is perfect for you with our personality quiz!

All About Amethyst

The beautiful Amethyst stone is the birthstone of February. Known for its mesmerising purple colour, here is everything about Amethyst and its captivating history! History and origins of Amethyst Amethyst is a stunning purple gemstone, varying in hues from deep mystical dark purple to delicate lilacs. The birthstone of February is said to hold powerfulFind out more

Ruby Red for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and after a year like no other, a celebration of love and appreciation is just what most of us need. Whether you are all about grand gestures or enjoying the simple pleasure of gift giving, this celebration is about expressing our love to our significant other, in a meaningful way.Find out more

Ring sizing explained: find the perfect fit!

Rings come in a wide range of sizes, but unlike clothing and shoes, knowing your ring size is not exactly considered common knowledge. When trying on different sizes in person at a jewellery store to find the right one is not an option, you can find out yourself online which size would be the perfectFind out more

Diamonds: 5 reasons why bigger isn’t always better

When it comes to diamonds, bigger isn’t always better. A diamond’s carat size is certainly an important aspect to consider when shopping for diamonds – after all, carat size is part of the 4 Cs. But it isn’t necessarily the most important feature. If you’re thinking of buying a diamond for yourself or a lovedFind out more