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Jewellery Through The Decades

With Halloween around the corner, what better time to look back many decades and dive into the Edwardian era. Read about the Edwardian Jewellery, art-deo and Vintage styles that prove to still be popular today. Edwardian Jewellery (1901-1914) The Edwardian era, also known as The Belle Epoque, helped establish an international high society in whichFind out more

McGowans 41 Argyll Arcade Refurbishment

Since our Aberdeen store closure, our beautiful furniture has since been stuck in storage. We are so delighted to have it back out, this time in our 41 Argyll Arcade shop in Glasgow. It has given the store the incredible, modern transformation it needed! Furniture, wall coverings and lighting create the perfect atmosphere for customersFind out more

4 Affordable Jewellery Gift Ideas

Got an important birthday, anniversary or maybe just in the market for a special gift? These are a few of our favourite, affordable jewellery gift ideas that will work perfectly. After all, its all about affordable luxury. Dainty Chain Necklace and Pendants Nothing is more versatile than a dainty, delicate chain necklace. You can layerFind out more

41 Argyll Arcade Renovations *CLOSURE*

Like everyone and everything in life, our 41 Argyll Arcade store is in need of some TLC. Starting on Saturday the 25th of September, the store will be closed for refurbishment. This should only take a week, aiming to reopen on Saturday the 2nd of October. Don’t fret though! Our second store, 4 Argyll Arcade,Find out more

Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring – Our Very Own Proposal

Hi, I am Maggie a Sales Consultant in McGowans Jewellers. I was absolutely delighted when Danny, my future son in law, told me he was going to propose to my daughter. Not only that, but he gave me the honour of helping him find her dream engagement ring.   The Engagement Ring  With years of experience behind her, I knew exactly who to go to for guidance – our Senior Buyer, Margaret. Using her expertise and great eye, she sourcedFind out more

Jewellery That Marked History

As millennia and centuries go by, history is enriched with the life stories of marking figures. Jewellery is a fascinating and timeless stamp of history, as it traces back to the beginning of time. From the closets of royalty to the necks of iconic Hollywood stars, here are the tales of the jewels that marked history.   Cleopatra’s Emeralds  Egypt was historically known for its emerald mining which –Find out more

Summer 2021 Jewellery Trends

Summer trends are highly anticipated, as fashion peaks during the summer season. Jewellery trends are exciting in the summer, because they are front and centre when clothing is less so in the warm weather (when we are lucky enough to get it in Scotland!). If you’re looking to elevate your jewellery style this summer, here are some of the top trendsFind out more

Men’s Jewellery: The Essential Gift Guide

There is no better time than now for men to rock jewellery. From high fashion to independent designers, men’s jewellery is the hit piece of the season and, with Father’s Day approaching, makes a great gift for the dad who won’t get himself anything. Here are the men’s jewellery essentials that would make a perfectFind out more