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Ring sizing explained: find the perfect fit!

Rings come in a wide range of sizes, but unlike clothing and shoes, knowing your ring size is not exactly considered common knowledge. When trying on different sizes in person at a jewellery store to find the right one is not an option, you can find out yourself online which size would be the perfect fit. Read on to find out more about how to discover your perfect fit!

Each letter has a corresponding measurement

In the UK, ring sizes are listed as letters going from A to Z, where A is the smallest size and Z the largest. Like any apparel item corresponds to body measurements, each letter from a ring size chart corresponds to finger measurements. We have created a ring size measurement guide for reference, to help guide you through the measurements and their ring size equivalent, view it here.

How to take your measurements

You may have heard of the “string” or “paper test”, which consists for measuring the circumference, or how wide your finger is, using a piece of string or a thin piece of paper. This test is still to this day the best way to accurately measure your ring size at home, when you are unable to have a professional do it for you at a jewellery store.

To measure your ring size using this method, simply wrap the string/paper around your chosen finger, and mark where the ends overlap with a pen. Use a ruler to measure the length in millimetres (mm). Once you have the measurements, refer to our ring size guide to find which size is the perfect fit.

A ring size isn’t always forever

A ring size can change under some circumstances, like age and weight for example. If you’ve had your ring size measured some time ago and are planning on purchasing a ring, we strongly recommend measuring it again to ensure an accurate number and a perfect fit. Same goes for a ring you purchase now, your ring size can change and you may need to get the ring resized in the future. McGowans offers a range of in house services including ring resizing, to ensure you can wear your most loved pieces for a lifetime.

We hope this helps you discover the perfect fit for your ring. Now you have the size, why not check out a selection of our beautiful gemstone and diamond rings.

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