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Everything You Need to Know About the Cuts of a Diamond

There is nothing more beautiful than a sparkling diamond. These stones take billions of years to form and are sought after due to their rarity. Diamonds are the perfect blend of elegance, sparkle, and allure. Our specialist team here at McGowan’s can help you with finding the perfect diamond piece, which you can shop online today.

History of the Diamond

The history of the diamond is precarious, these stones are thought to be discovered first in India. The exact date is unknown, but sources suggest initial findings in the period between 2500 and 1700 BC. Alternatively, other sources stipulate the first written record of the existence of diamonds dates around the fourth century BC. Transportation of diamonds during this period ran through a network of trade routes which connected India to China to Europe. Diamonds were once only available to the ‘elite’ and this increased their popularity, as a symbol of stature.

McGowans Jewellers

McGowans Jewellers was founded in 1895 and are proudly serving customers for over 138 years. Our diamonds are carefully selected as we collaborate closely with our suppliers who provides the finest quality stones for our clientele. Our specialist team can guide you through your journey to find the perfect diamond gift whether it’s a diamond ring or a lovely pair of diamond earrings, we can help you for any occasion whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or as a gift from you… to you!

We also include a wide range of jewellery services to keep your new diamond piece in pristine condition. Our services include re-modelling jewellery to replacing lost stones, engraving and valuations, this can restore your old or damaged piece to its original beauty and charm.



The Significance of the Diamond

You may ask yourself, what is so special about diamonds? Selecting a diamond is a full process, and experts have categorised the unique characteristics of a diamond which defines the value and beauty. The process of diamond grading has been simplified into 4 categories called the 4c’s of Diamond Grading – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.

Cuts of diamond – Why it is important?

The cut of the diamond is vastly different from the diamond in its original form which comes directly from the mine, these are referred to as “rough diamonds.” Diamonds are dull and opaque in appearance before the cut and polish, this process removes the rough outer surface to allow the magical beauty of the bright diamond underneath to be visualised.

The cut of a diamond is known as the shape of the stone i.e., Oval, Baguette, or Square.

The cut refers to the scale of the diamond’s facets and the interaction the stone has with light. The careful artistry and specialist technique is required to perfect a stone to acquire precise proportions, perfect symmetry, and exceptional polish. This allows the unique visual beauty of the diamond to be appreciated and highlighted.

To determine the cut grade of a diamond an expert will examine the diamond’s interaction with light to create a desirable appearance, this includes brightness, fire, and scintillation. These processes look at the internal and external light reflections of the stone, including studying the rainbow colours visible when light reflection is present. The sparkle of the stone is examined, and all patterns of reflection are studied in detail.

Our most popular cut of diamond at McGowans is our ‘Brilliant Round Cut,’ we have a fantastic range of rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets which incorporate this type of cut. Such as the below ring, which would make a perfect engagement set.


Diamonds at McGowan’s Jewellers

Many of our diamonds at McGowans Jewellers are ‘Brilliant Cut.’ This cut of diamond has been cut with multiple facets to showcase the brilliance, which is often referred to as its sparkle. The cone shape of this stone allows light reflection, which is called brilliance, which gives the exemplary sparkle. When looking at shapes of diamonds, McGowan’s collection includes round cut, baguette, princess cut, Rectangular, Oval, Square and Marquise diamonds. Below is a diagram of the most popular diamond shapes on the market. Look for yourself and pick your favourite!

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