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Unique Proposal Ideas

Spending almost every hour of every day with your partner whilst in lockdown could have gone two ways: unbearably difficult or falling deeper in love. For the latter, it may have come with the reassurance you needed and the certitude of wanting to spend the rest of your life with them. If you’re thinking of popping the big question, proposing whilst in lockdown might not be the ideal romantic scenario, but it does not mean you can’t create your own! Make your own modern day fairy-tale with these unique proposal ideas:


If you can’t get to your dream destination, bring the destination to them! With a giant poster, a projector or an image on TV, create a display of your dream scenery. Whether it is a romantic beach walk, a breath-taking panoramic view or a dreamy flower field, dress to impress and bring the wonders of the world to your living room!

Candlelit Dining

Wow them with an at-home dining experience that would top any fancy restaurant. If you have the skills, cook a luxurious meal, as nothing tastes better than a dish prepared with love. Alternatively, the gourmet at-home delivery services have boomed during lockdown, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Decorate the table and the room with lots of candles and table accessories, dim the lights, put on your nicest outfit and give them the dinner date of a lifetime.

Romantic Picnic

Take your weekly stroll to the park to the next level by preparing a sweet picnic. Pastries, mocktails, fresh fruits… or make it savoury with a delicious cheeseboard! Pack up their favourite treats and enjoy a perfect day out together. With restrictions easing and brighter days coming up, it’s an ideal way to celebrate the start of Spring and of your new life together. Just don’t forget the ring!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Making memories is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Map out an itinerary and drive around your city, to all the places you have unforgettable memories together. At each location, reminisce of the happy times you shared there and express why all these places are special to you. Make the final stop the most meaningful one, and let them know you want them along for the rest of the ride (pun intended)!

No matter which scenario you decide is the one, make sure to put consideration, time and effort into it. Show them how special they are, and top it all off with a stunning ring! At McGowans, celebrating love is part of who we are and our jewellery collection includes a wide selection of beautiful engagement rings. We are here to help you find the one, so please get in touch with us if you need advice or have some questions!

We are hoping to re-open our stores from 26th April and the McGowans team is looking forward to welcoming you back!