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7 tips for taking care of your jewellery whilst travelling

We are all prone to taking hundreds of pounds worth of valuables away with us when we go abroad, from phones and tablets, to jewellery and accessories. We often don’t realise just how much it’s all worth, and the risk of theft or misplacement becomes greater whilst on the go.

But no one wants to worry about any valuables whilst they are on holiday, and no one needs to!

These are some simple tips you can follow to take care of your jewellery while travelling, so you’re not having to worry during your time away.

Pack light

We are all guilty of sometimes overpacking for holidays, especially when it comes to jewellery. We toss in the entire jewellery box, thinking that we’ll need it all, when in reality, most pieces won’t even see the light of day. Overpacking is easily done, but we encourage you to pack as light as possible.

First, you’re going to want to decide on the essential pieces. You really don’t want to be travelling with all your most precious jewellery as that only makes taking care of it more of an effort!

Think logically and be realistic. Do you really need five silver necklaces? Probably not. Take only the essential wardrobe staple pieces that are versatile enough to compliment all your outfits for day and night for lighter packing!

Pack effectively

Once you have decided what jewellery you want to take, you’ll need to think about packing it effectively, because there’s nothing worse than jewellery getting tangled up together.

These are some useful methods for packing jewellery whilst on the move that will keep everything together and organized.

Use a case

If you’re a frequent traveler, it may be worthwhile investing in a travel jewellery case. These are fairly inexpensive and with compartments to keep jewellery separate, you won’t have to worry about things getting tangled together.

Pill box

A pill box is a great alternative to travel jewellery cases. These also have small separate compartments that can be useful for keeping small pieces like earrings together.


Necklace and bangle chains are the easiest to get tangled. These can be kept tangle-free by feeding one end of the chain through a straw and then clasping it to the other end.

Ruby necklace

Keep it with you

We recommend keeping precious jewellery close to you whilst you’re on the move, especially in airports. Check-in luggage is at a higher risk of getting lost or misplaced, so it’s wiser to keep valuable items in your carry-on luggage.

But there is no doubt that carry-on luggage can easily get misplaced too. If loosing your carry-on luggage is a concern, consider wearing your jewellery whilst travelling just to be extra cautious.

Use a safe

We don’t expect you to keep your jewellery with you at all times. You’re on holiday and don’t want to be constantly worrying about keeping your valuable safe!

Most hotels, hostels and apartments have safety deposit boxes that you should make use of. They are particularly hand for when you’re out and about during the day and night and only you should have access to it.

Most hotel rooms will have a safety box in the room, often free of charge. However, if they come at an extra cost, they can be worth considering to keep your jewellery safe and your mind worry-free! Prices may vary depending on the length of your stay, however, accommodation may be able to give you an estimated price before your arrival.

Make a check list or take photos

Check lists are the key to great organisation, and organisation is key when travelling! Make a list of all the jewellery you have packed, that way you can keep track of it and it’ll make it a lot easier to tell if something is missing.

Taking photos on your phone of the jewellery can also be beneficial for insurance purposes. This is another way to help you keep track of the pieces you have taken with you.


Avoid swimming and sunbathing whilst wearing jewellery

You should never wear precious jewellery whilst swimming in pools or sunbathing. Aside from the possibility of rings slipping off your fingers or earrings falling out your ears, chemicals in swimming pools and sun creams can potentially damage or discolour metals, especially gold, silver and platinum.

Light and heat from the sun can also affect jewellery’s durability and colour. Gemstones such as pearls and other delicate materials can bleach under intense light exposure.

We recommend you leave jewellery in your safety deposit box whilst you enjoy the sunshine, and wear it to sparkle in the evening!

Insure it

Lastly, if you’re really worried about something happening to valuable jewellery whilst travelling, you might want to consider insuring it.

Insurance coverage for jewellery is sometimes offered in standard home insurance policies, or special specific coverage can be added on. It’s best to check with your own insurance provider.

We understand that some sentimental jewellery is simply irreplaceable, but in the unfortunate event of jewellery getting lost or stolen, at least you’ll get some sort of compensation if it’s insured.


If you require more advice on how to keep your jewellery safe, do not hesitate to get in contact with us or visit our Glasgow or Aberdeen stores.