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Wedding ring pairing guide: How to match wedding bands to engagement rings perfectly

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a lengthy process, but choosing the ideal wedding bands to match can also take time! Brides want the perfect wedding band that is going to compliment and bring out the best in their engagement ring. After all, it’s a special piece to be worn for life.

As simple as some wedding bands may appear, there are still so many options and variations to choose from. You can often be spoilt for choice, so finding the right band can often be harder than you think! There are a few things to consider when matching your wedding bands to the engagement ring, so read on and let us help you make it simple.


The style of an engagement ring is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a wedding band to match. Some of the most popular styles of engagement rings include the classic solitaire, halo, and vintage styles are also making a resurgence.

Classic solitaire

A classic solitaire engagement ring is one of the more versatile styles because they are usually very simple, yet elegant and timeless. With these, you are not limited to certain wedding bands as many styles will match their classic design. However, we think pavé bands compliment solitaire rings particularly well. The surface of a pavé band is set with diamonds, which really enhance the centre diamond on an engagement ring.

classic solitaire pave band



Halo rings are similar to solitaire rings. However, it’s the pavé band on halo rings which sets them apart from solitaires. With the sparkle and glamour of the halo ring, the wedding band should be kept fairly simple to compliment it. Pave bands also go well with halo rings, but pairing a contour band with your engagement ring makes a great matching set! Contour bands are not entirely round, they tend to have a dip in them which allows the gem of an engagement ring to fit neatly around it when both rings are on the finger.

Halo and pave ring


Vintage and antique rings can have elaborate features and really stand out from today’s designs. It’s important to pick a wedding band that is traditional yet simple to best compliment a

vintage style. Opt for a simple band to show your vintage engagement ring off in its very best light.

Colourful vintage ring  Gold vintage ring


The profile of a ring refers to the overall shape of the band. It’s important to choose a wedding ring that matches the same profile as your engagement ring to keep the style consistent. Matching profiles is an easy way to ensure a great combination of rings.

There are many profiles to choose from…

Court profile

The most traditional profile with a curved inner and outer surface. The court profile is considered as one of the easiest to match with engagement rings, as this profile is also a popular choice for engagement rings. This may be because it is also known as the ‘comfort fit’.

Flat profile

Inner and outer surfaces are flat, with a distinctive flat edge that can make them look chunky. Flat profiles are traditionally used for men’s wedding bands.

Flat court profile

The outer surface is flat, while the inner is curved. A flat court profile is also considered as comfortable.

D shape profile

Curved on the outer surface, but the inner surface sits flat against fingers. The inner surface creates a snug fitting. Rings with a D profile look best when matched with other D profiles.

Bevelled profile

Bevelled profiles are usually very distinct and look a lot different to other profiles, particularly because the outer surface is angled, while the inner is flat. These are best suited to engagement rings with wider bands.

Concave profile

There is a very subtle concave curving on the outer surface, whilst the inner surface matches that of a court profile. Concave profiles are best suited to those wanting a custom designed ring that is made to perfectly fit the ring finger.

Matching the profile of the rings will help ensure they fit together well.


A lot of engagement rings, vintage and antique styles in particular, have coloured gem stones which should be taken into consideration when choosing a complimenting wedding band. If you’re going for a wedding band with coloured stones, ensure that the colour is the same, or complimentary as the engagement ring stone. Mix different colours to make a bold statement, or keep them similar for a harmonious style.

Colourful ring



Choosing the same metal for the engagement ring and wedding ring tends to be the most common choice as they make a better matching set. However, mixing metals is becoming an increasingly popular choice, and it looks great! At McGowans, we have wedding bands in a range of metals, from gold to platinum and two tone.

mixed metal wedding bands

There is no right or wrong when shopping for a wedding band – it is entirely up to you and your personal taste.

At McGowans, we would be delighted to help find you the perfect wedding band to compliment your engagement ring. After all, we have been known as ‘the engaging people’! We have a wide range of wedding bands available, from one or two-tone bands, to diamond sets and matching sets. You can view a selection of wedding bands here, or visit us in store to shop our full collection, where our expert team will help you find the perfect bands for your special day.