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5-Stone Diamond Ring Transformation

At McGowans, we pride ourselves in having an extensive range of services to recondition and maintain your old, broken, antique or new pieces. Our skilled jewellers carry out the work in our workshop to efficiently repair your jewellery and keep it looking as good as new. Check out a full list of our services on offer here. Read our very own story below where we transformed a Diamond Brooch into a gorgeous Diamond Ring.

McGowans Diamond Brooch to Diamond Ring Transformation

Towards the end of 2021, we acquired a 5 stone diamond brooch that was purchased as part of a large estate. As the popularity of brooches dies down, it was decided amongst the team that remodelling this beautiful piece into a 5 stone diamond ring would appeal to a larger audience. It would become a truly magnificent piece that could be appreciated by all and worn daily or on special occasions.

The ring spent 3 months in the workshop undergoing intensive remodelling. Important decisions had to be made deciding what mount suited the stones best and what would look most attractive when in ring form.

5 Stone Diamond Brooch

The Process to Becoming a Diamond Ring

Step 1 to becoming a Diamond Ring:

The brooch arrived at the workshop ready to have the diamonds removed from their settings. A clamp is used to hold the bar of the brooch on the work bench to allow for ultimate precision and to ensure the jeweller is as delicate as possible with the diamonds.

5 Diamond Brooch
5 Diamond Brooch

Step 2:

Using a flat scorper, the jeweller lifts the claws to remove the diamonds from the settings and carefully sets them aside to be placed in the ring at a later stage. All the diamonds are finally removed and ready to be remounted into the ring.

5 Diamond Brooch
5 Diamond Brooch

Step 3:

The new casting for the head for the 5 stone diamond ring is selected along with the white gold shank and assembled, ready for the diamonds to be inserted.

5 Stone Diamond Ring
5 Stone Diamond Ring

Step 4:

The ring is finally coming together. The shank is added to the new head, ready to be polished and set.

5 Stone Diamond Ring

Finished result:

The new 5 stone diamond ring is complete and returned to the Argyll Arcade shop in Glasgow where is can be purchased. It is a 18ct all white gold diamond 5 stone with a total diamond weight D1.76 retailing at £5400. We are delighted with the result and we can’t wait for someone to enjoy and love this piece as much as we do!

5 Stone Diamond Ring

This is just one example of how McGowans Jewellers in Glasgow can recondition pre-loved jewellery pieces and turn them into something more modern whilst maintaining their antique, beautiful style. Remember to check out our full range of products and services online and in-store. Need additional help deciding on a piece or wondering if we can help keep your piece of jewellery in its best condition? Come into 4 or 41 Argyll Arcade, Glasgow where one of our experienced team can help you out.