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Emerald: Everything you need to know about May’s enchanting birthstone

Prized for its brilliant green colour, which is thought to symbolise growth, reflection and fertility, the Emerald is the birthstone of May. Learn all about its fascinating history and the mystical and spiritual properties that surround them, as well as how to care for your emeralds, below.   History of emeralds The history of emeraldFind out more

Jewellery That Marked History

As millennia and centuries go by, history is enriched with the life stories of marking figures. Jewellery is a fascinating and timeless stamp of history, as it traces back to the beginning of time. From the closets of royalty to the necks of iconic Hollywood stars, here are the tales of the jewels that marked history.   Cleopatra’s Emeralds  Egypt was historically known for its emerald mining which –Find out more