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Keeping up with appearances

We have recently been making some changes to the window displays at our Glasgow stores in Argyll Arcade!

Having been established since 1895, we know just how important maintaining stores standards is. Window displays are an especially important aspect of the store appearance and the retail experience for customers as a whole.

At McGowans, we like to clearly define the new stock from the vintage/antique. In our new display, we achieve this by using colour; all the new stock is in cream and golds, whilst the second-hand products are now displayed in black and cream. We decided to make this distinction as there was always confusion amongst customers over what was old and what was new stock.

The shop windows of our Glasgow stores in Argyll Arcade

Our new stock layout is also much cleaner to look at. The stock is easier to read, identify, and is ultimately better grouped as a whole. The layout is less cluttered, and pricing is clearer.

Another change we have decided to make is displaying stock by pricing and style order. The ‘old jewellery’ is still displayed using handwritten tickets and vintage boxes to create that genuine old feel. It’s busy, yet colourful and each item is unique with an interesting story.

On a whole, the windows in each shop in Argyll Arcade are now well balanced, clearly defined & marked by product and, ultimately, we hope that our customers will respond in a positive way to the changes made.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the shopfitters who worked tirelessly through the night to make the changes. We are truly delighted with the end result!

Take a look at the process…

Our Glasgow stores in Argyll Arcade have undergone some changes