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How to Perfectly Match your Jewellery to your Favourite Outfits

Jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise any outfit. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide what items of jewellery to pair with each look. Here are some tips to help you perfectly match your jewellery to your wardrobe favourites.

Casual jeans and a top

Who said jeans and a t-shirt had to be plain or boring? The perfect way to brighten up your classic casual favourites is to include your birthstone jewellery. This helps add a splash of colour whilst keeping it personal. Whether you choose a pendant and earrings set, or a delicate necklace and ring, your casual outfit will have a little extra sparkle with the addition of a precious stone. Alternatively, layering necklaces works really well with crew neck t-shirts, as does a good, chunky statement necklace, whilst tank tops allow you to show off a bracelet or two, or have fun with layered rings.


Casual dress

Layering necklaces can also work well with a casual day-dress and can add a little bit of sparkle to something casual. Depending on the neckline, a bolder statement necklace may work well too.

Strapless dress

For a more glam evening look, large statement earrings look great with strapless dresses. This can work well on its own or paired with a shorter necklace too. A statement necklace will also work well with a strapless dress, but be sure to choose either the necklace or the earrings as a focal point, as both could clash! If you opt for a statement necklace go for more delicate earrings, and vice versa.




One shoulder and halter tops/dresses

Both types of neckline make it tricky to match neckwear to these outfits, but if you get it right it can look fantastic! For a trendy look with a slight edge to it, try a shortter or choker-style necklace. Or, if you want to let the neckline of the dress do the talking around that area, why not focus your jewellery on your arms by experimenting with wristwear. If you have a few dainty bracelets, layering them is the best option for a classy look. Alternatively, go big with a bold cuff or statement bracelet to add some extra attitude to your outfit.



General Jewellery Pairing Tips

There are a few general points to bear in mind when choosing jewellery regardless of your outfit. For instance, does the piece of jewellery clash in terms of colour? Gold dresses should never be worn with silver jewellery for example, and any gemstones on your jewellery should compliment the colour of your outfit.

Another consideration is whether you can clearly see the jewellery, or if part of its charm or statement is lost within your outfit. This can sometimes happen when outfits are boldly patterned and paired with finely detailed jewellery. In other instances it can be something as simple as considering sleeve length with the bracelets you plan to wear, and as previously mentioned, the neckline of your top or dress can have an effect on how your necklace is seen.


If you have a special occassion coming up and would like to add the perfect piece of jewellery to compliment your look, pop in store and our friendly, knowledgable team will be happy to help. You can check out a few of our favourites online.