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Proposal tips: What to think about if you’re popping the big question this Christmas

Asking your loved one to spend the rest of their life with you shouldn’t be underestimated. There’s a lot to consider, and a lot of emotions that come with it! What to say, how to say it, where to say it?

There is one we can help with though, and it’s “what to say it with?”. The answer to that, although simple, can come in many shapes and sizes. And we’ve got you covered when it comes to engagement rings. Did you know, McGowans was historically known as ‘the engaging people’?

If you’re thinking of popping the big question, it means you’ve found that special someone (congratulations!). They deserve a ring as special as them! If you’re nervous about not saying the right thing, the right ring can do all the talking for you. Although many think bigger is better, we know the right ring is always down to personal taste. The ring should suit their own style and taste, whilst being as unique as they are.

There are a few things you need to think about if you’re planning on purchasing that all-important engagement ring.

Know their tastes

Firstly, it’s about knowing the person you’re buying it for, which you of course do! More precisely, their tastes and style. There are endless combinations when it comes to rings, from metals to various gemstones, you need to know what they already wear in order to know what they will wear on their finger for the rest of their life. Take a look at their existing jewellery collection – what metals do they wear the most (yellow or white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver etc)? Are they a fan of coloured gemstones and bold statement jewellery, or do they prefer minimalist yet chic jewels?

Consider budget

There are rings for every budget, so you will be able to find what you are looking for within your range. Spend time looking online and in stores to discover what suits you. Consider the 4C’s; Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. These are all important factors to think about when purchasing a ring and can largely influence the cost. You can find out more about the 4C’s here.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Jewellers can give you valuable advice based on the information you can provide them. They will guide you through this often stressful but wonderful process, making sure you leave the store with nothing less than the perfect ring.

At McGowans, our jewellers are always here to help you find the perfect ring. They are highly skilled and will help you step by step in finding the ideal ring to pop the big question.

We love hearing your engagement stories. If you are planning on asking your partner for their hand in marriage this year with a McGowans ring, be sure to share the good news with us!

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